Research & Development

We crave to keep on making better products.

At the core of Pratham Industries success is a formidable Research and Development Centre, the only one of its kind in the country. Equipped with the latest CAD/CAM, calibration and testing equipment, special heat treatment facilities, and more importantly, with the sharpest engineering minds in the industry, this centre is responsible for Pratham’s triumph in making bearings of unprecedented size and complexity. While these innovations have ensured technological leadership and an unshakable consumer base, the experience gained in designing these are the most valuable asset for the future. At Pratham’s life test laboratory, a skilled team employs state-of-the-art technology to scrutinize life spans under the most exacting conditions, in order to improve on current products an develop this helps us stay prepared to develop the next generation of for a new, more demanding industry. Pratham Industries has the distinction of being one of the few companies in the world to manufacture all types’ bearings & Conveyor with indigenous technology – clearly an in-house R&D achievement.

The hub and heart of Pratham Industries, R & D demonstrates the company’s collaborative and flexible approach, responding innovatively to customer and industry needs. Customers are increasingly working with Pratham Industries as a preferred technological partner right from the initiation of Projects. Pratham Industries collaboration includes assessment and analyses leading to not just component level but system level suggestions that impact client decisions. This is particularly true of the automotive industry.

Pratham’s R & D division has a global footprint, and has embarked on international engagements.

The entire R & D process at Pratham Industries, from fundamental research to customer engineering, is conducted in-house. Everything happens here. Because the R & D is localized, support to and control at the plant reduces time and cost, and makes the whole process efficient.