Return Idler


Using the international standard designing and manufacturing technology, our company has improved the designing and production ability to a higher level. The Rollers produced here enjoy minimum revolving resistance, long life, small maintain work and high load capability.

Our company adopts special fine welding steel pipe for Roller, and does puncture processing in the tube. The roundness is controlled in special tolerance scope. The axle is according to standard tolerance and manufactured by fine cold drag steel. The bearing housing has been manufactured after stamping many times by the cold griped steel.

The Roller shell and bearing housing have been welded together by the automatic welding machinery hand. Then it forms a whole high strength structure.

The bearing, which uses the world famous brand, is the big roving crack, deep groove ball and double sealing bearing. It makes the Roller has the ideal static and dynamic balance that is better than the national standard.

The above technical conditions can guarantee the Roller enjoy 10000-15000 hours of working life.

At present, the Roller series products include the carrying Roller, the return Roller, the impact Roller, the training Roller, the spiral Roller, the Roller with rubber rings, etc.